A Survival pouch gives you a powerful advantage

In a car, boat or aircraft don’t stow all your kit separately. Pack a survival pouch, too large to carry in your pocket like your survival tin but kept where it can be grabbed quickly in an emergency. If you are on foot keep it outside your back-pack and signalling kit, all packed into a mess tin which protects the kit and doubles as a cooking utensil. If you fancy a brew or a snack, it is all there for you and in an emergency gives you a first back-up for survival. Anything you use from the pouch on a normal trip must be replenished as soon as possible.


A pouch made from water-resistant material and a good lock

Survival Pouch to be worn on a belt

Contents of Pouch neatly packed inside a mess tin











The pouch must be made from waterproof material and be large enough to take a mess tin. It must have a positive fastening that will not come undone and a strong loop to hold it on your belt. Remember the pouch contains matches, solid fuel and flares – all life savers – but to be treated with care.


Mess tin


This is made from aluminium, which is light and strong. A good cooking utensil it protects the contents packed inside it.




Small Folding Stove

Unfolded to hold pot and Fuel in centre

Unfolded Stove

Folded in closed position to store when no longer needed

Closed folded Stove


This is a tiny stove which unfolds or opens up to form an adjustable stand that supports the mess tin or pot to heat food. At the centre it has space for the burning fuel. Great for when firewood is unavailable. It folds up to take less room when you no longer need it.





These can be packed in the portable stove

Fuel Tablets for Stove


Preferably you should have solid fuel tablets in their own stove container. Use sparingly when a wood fire is inconvenient. They make excellent fire lighters. The stove simply unfolds to form an adjustable pot stand and holder for the burning fuel.





preferably with a cord at the end so it can be hung inside a tent

Pencil touch flashlight


Pack a small pencil-like torch (3) that takes up little room. Keep batteries inside it, but reverse the last one so that if accidentally switched on, the batteries don’t run down. Lithium batteries last a long time. You could hang it upside down securing it by the lanyard inside your tent and use it as a lantern.  Click here to receive an amazing Bright 1 Watt LED Folding Pop Camping Lantern for 100% Free!





Flares and discharger


Signal flares to attract attention, especially in close country. Carry red and green mini-flares and a discharger  (no bigger than a fountain pen). These are explosives so pack carefully. Simply remove discharger and screw on to flare. Withdraw flare and point skywards at arm’s length, Pull the trigger to fire. Use with extreme care and do not waste. Use to attract attention.



Marker panel

Signal Marker

Signal Key

Signal Key

A strip or bar of fluorescent material about 0.3 x 2m (1 x 6ft) used to attract attention in an emergency. One bar signals immediate evacuation. Form other signals with panels carried by others in your party, Pack to stop the other items in the pouch rattling.





Waterproof matches


Pack as many matches as possible in a waterproof container, you never have enough. Movement against each other can ignite non-safety matches, so pack carefully. NOTE: If you can’t find waterproof  matches, normal matches can be dried even if soaked, by briskly rubbing them through your hair. They will quickly dry by the static electricity produced.



Brew kit

Tea-Bags and Milk


There is nothing like a brew-up to restore morale. Pack tea powder and sachets of milk and sugar. Tea quenches thirst, however, coffee aggravates it!





Dehydrated salami sticks

85% Cocoa Chocolate


Fat is hard  to find when living off the land. Its extra calories are worth taking. Pack tubes of butter, lard or ghee. Dehydrated meat blocks are nourishing, but not very good in flavour. Chocolate is a good food, but does not keep well, check regularly.




Packet of salt

Packet of salt


Salt MUST be included – salt tablets are a compact way to carry it, better still, an electrolyte powder that contains vitamins, salt and minerals that the body needs.




Survival bags and Reflective Blanket

A large polythene bag about 200 x 60cm (7 x 2ft) is a lifesaver in the cold. In an emergency get inside to reduce heat loss. Although wet from condensation you will be warm, Even better is a heat-insulated bag of reflective material that keeps you warm and solves the condensation problem.




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