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Here’s What Survival Is All About


Hello, I’m Roldan Introvigne the founder of SurvivalDominanace.com! Survival Dominance is the one-stop resource centre for anyone who’s interested in learning to survive any situation life throws at them. Now that I’m retired, I’m grateful for pretty much everything in my life. I do what I want and for as long as I want. I go where I want to go and stay there until I decide I want to return.

But just because I’ve retired doesn’t mean I’ve thrown in the towel. Now that I have ample time, I thought I’d devote myself to start on a new career path. I’m not really sure what this path is yet – if it is that of a blogger or an affiliate marketer…. Whatever it may be, I know that I want to help other people by sharing what I have become an expert at doing……staying alive!



What to Expect:

I’ve been a member of the Italian military elite Folgore paratrooper forces of the ‘Alpini’ for over thirty odd years  including two years of Military school (See photo of Folgore Scholastic Achievement Medal). I’ve been taught to survive the freezing winters in the middle of the Alps, sustain myself in dry waterless desert areas, and endure being left stranded with minimal equipment in the most inhospitable environments on earth as part of my endurance training.

It seems everyone and their neighbour is a blogger these days. You hear and are exposed to numerous websites gushing excitedly about their latest Posts and extolling the virtues of their survival techniques.

And they all sound very knowledgable. However, many survival website owners get their information from the Internet and their sites are mainly set up to sell you things. Very few have actually had any first hand exposure to real-life survival situations. I  have been trained in survival skills and relied on these skills in every imaginable situation to keep myself alive, and my knowledge is not reliant on skills I have read, but on the actual physical experiences and knowledge I have obtained.


My “Why”:

To this day, the most crucial lesson I learnt from my years in the military is to prize “Honour and Virtue above the external advantages of Rank and Fortune”.

That is why I’ve created Survival Dominance; because I want to empower people to feel that they are not at the mercy of catastrophic events and to give them the confidence that they can overcome adversity, just as our forefathers did. Remember that they didn’t have electricity to cook their meals or heat themselves, nor did our grandparents have hot and cold running water.

If we go further back in time, we realise we had to learn how to make fire, using the power of friction and build shelters from the cold. We had to learn how to fish using sharpened bone splinters for hooks, make traps and hunt for food, or grow our own crops, as well as learn how to cure ourselves from injuries. These are all basic skills that we have forgotten but that we can re-learn once more.

I know exactly what it feels like because I’ve been there. I want to tell you that it is possible to learn the basic needs to be a successful Survivalist and I can help you reach that goal.

Folgore Scholastic Achievement Medal

My website is geared towards:

  • Beginners who are looking to dip their toes in the world of survival
  • Sharing my experience and advise on the most simple, yet effective ways to keep you and your loved ones alive when facing disasters
  • And anyone else who wants to learn about the survival techniques used by the Italian elite military forces

If you’ve ever pondered with any of these questions:


You’re at the right place!


How this benefits You:

As mentioned earlier, there are proven strategies you can follow to minimise risks and maximise the chances of surviving in any situation you encounter.

Readers will get the step-by-step advice and techniques I personally learnt  — without having to make a huge time commitment or financial investment.

I’ll open the curtain, bust common myths and show you the secrets to the essential survival skills on my website.

I’ll share with you my tools and how to’s that you can use in the real world (not just theory). Like lighting a fire with soaking wet matches.

You’ll find interviews, guides and simple diagrams on how beginners successfully survive out in the wilderness, the process to start and ensure that you and your family stay alive while on vacation and the mistakes to avoid.

You’ll acquire knowledge to get you out of car accidents. You’ll absorb the skills you need to know in the unlikely event of a plane crash or forced landing in remote areas. And how to survive being shipwrecked.

Lastly, I also take your safety on the internet seriously and want you to feel protected from having any of your private information intercepted, manipulated and stolen by hackers when visiting my website. For this reason I am proud to inform you that have made  my site secure and encrypted with a valid SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

If you look at the URL in your browser you will see a green padlock and the HTTPS: in front of the URL instead of the usual unsecured HTTP. That means that others will not only have a harder time seeing what you are reading and what comments you’re posting, but it can help ensure that when you visit a website, you’re seeing what its authors intended and that the site contains no malware.

Sites that use HTTP in front of their URL or domain name have the entire URL and page content visible to anyone on the network between you and the site you are looking at.


Need help? Contact me:

If you are struggling to understand anything on my website, or just want to get some quick help from me, use the contact form below  (as soon as I learn to make one). I’m currently doing it for free, so grab your chance.

Send me an Email at: admin@survivaldominance.com


P.S. It’ll take me roughly 24 hours to get back to you. Weekends could be longer. But I promise to reply!

And while I still have your attention, consider signing up to my free Survival newsletter….(coming Soon!) 

4 thoughts on “About Roldan”

  1. Zbigniew says:

    Hi. Impressive bio. It’s great you are going to give information you obtained from your experience, not from anyone’s description.
    I can see you have an amazing amount of experience, but your plans are even more impressive. I am sure you will realize all of them. Great webiste. Keep up the good job!

    1. Roldan says:

      Hi Zbigniew,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I’m sure each and every one of us all have an abundance of experience we have gained in the course of just living our lives. My plan is to empower people to make them realise they can shape the course of their lives and that we are not at the mercy of fate or destiny. All that every man and woman needs to remember is to put their trust in the Power of Divine Providence. 


  2. Great Site Roldan!!! Very informative and very useful in the times we live in. You can never be to prepared for anything.. I will bookmark your site.

    1. Roldan says:

      Hi there John,
      I’m so thrilled to know that you enjoyed visiting my website. Hearing comments that you found it informative and useful, gives me the motivation to keep writing and the encouragement to deliver value beyond expectations so that when you next visit my site you will be pleasantly surprised!

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