Over one and a half billion people take Vacations every year




Whether they hate their jobs or not….Everybody loves to go on holiday. According to statistics 57% of people travel each year on holidays. And these are only the numbers relating to Australia. International travel by Australian residents continues to grow, and the trend is expected to rise over the next few years. There is an even greater increase among Americans, Europeans and Asians who travel for business or pleasure. I can confidently state that International tourism is over record levels despite the threat of terrorism. But are the vast majority of people traveling, as well prepared as they should be?

We are now living in a world full of unexpected dangers. We hear with increasing frequency of terrorist attacks on unsuspecting people, of traffic accidents that cause injuries, of people getting lost while holidaying either in the wilderness or out at sea or in the air. The information in this website will prepare you to be a survivor. That means preparation in every sense by making sure that you have the right equipment for any expedition you undertake. Accidents often create survival situations. Here you will learn that you must be prepared to deal with crashes, collisions and natural disasters. You’ll learn how to deal with injuries, how to keep fit and healthy and how to help others less fortunate than yourself. You’ll be given expert knowledge and taught that water, food, fire, and shelter are the basic needs essential for survival.