The Unexpected











How can you prepare for what you do not expect? Preparing for expected difficulties and dangers is difficult enough, but what chance have you of equipping yourself for the totally unknown disaster? Yet these are the disasters that immediately spring to people’s minds – the shipwreck and the plane crash or forced landing in unfamiliar and difficult terrain. And God forbid…… a terrifying act of terrorism in a major city!
This is the reason for this website’s existence, to show you how to survive. There are specilised websites on mountaineering, sailing or pot-holing. On the desert and the jungle and polar wastes, and reading them will be part of your preparatory research before taking up these activities or traveling in these areas. Even more important, however, is to know about a whole range of skills which can be applied and adapted to all kinds of situations and to develop a way of thinking that enables you to draw upon them to find the solutions to particular problems. This is the preparation you can make for the unexpected.

But it is not all. You can equip yourself with a few small items which will increase your chances many times over by helping you with some basic necessities of survival. This can tip the balance between failure and success.




They will fit in a small container slipped into a pocket or bag and can be carried anywhere. They are your survival kit. If there is an emergency you will be glad you always carry it. This old tobacco tin is what I personally carry with me everywhere I go.








More bulky and therefore likely to be left at home, but still compact enough to carry on a belt whenever you are traveling, are a knife and the items which will fit in your survival pouch.

Without the basics which these two kits provide you can still improvise but they will greatly enhance your chances by giving you an added advantage in keeping you or others alive.


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